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Neeta Lulla, ranked as the top 5 fashion designers in India has an undoubtedly enviable reputation in fashion and Bollywood but enjoyed relatively less popularity in the retail market. However, despite enjoying fame and stardom offline, they wanted to build a strong positioning Online, to further their digital presence and e-commerce sales.




To increase retail sales both online and offline with a focus on Bridal wear and bridal trousseau.




We strategized a Branding overhaul that transformed their identity from a mere traditional fashion label styling Bollywood celebrities & movies to a more accessible fashion-forward Brand. We did this by revamping their visual communication to give their silhouettes a more upbeat modernistic image, and gave the brand a voice of today that resonates with a younger affluent audience.


  • social media

  • blogs

  • email marketing

  • PR


Result & Milestones

Results & Milestones

C.18% increase in follower growth on Social Media Platforms


Creative Execution

Let’s Have A Look At Our Creative Execution

Social Media

We came up with various ‘content & creative concepts’ with font play to add colour to a simple social gallery.

We introduced content buckets such as “Quotes By Neeta Lulla” that gave the renowned fashion designer her rightful image of a ‘trendsetter’. ‘Celebrity Spotting’ was one other category we introduced to the Brand’s social media profile, that uplifted the Brand making it resonate with celebrities who swear by the designer. Another interesting content category was “Sketch to Reality” which brought to life the designer’s art into reality and was welcomed by the audience as a first of its kind concept in India. After which, many upcoming designers have followed suit with their social content as well.

“This Vs That” & “Trousseau Picks” were especially conceptualized to encourage E-Commerce sales and revenues, thus enabling conversions and quantifying the Branding activities that were working side by side. The’ Versatile Bride’ & ‘Client Diaries’ was an effort towards increasing the highest margin Bridal sales for the designer which mainly leveraged from Consumer Generated content.

We were well involved in Neeta Lulla’s designs & inventory and worked with the designer on Style Aggregation & Packaging posts & emailers to further boost E-commerce conversions

Twitter campaign

Neeta Lulla as a personality was a Brand in itself. The challenge was for ‘House of Neeta Lulla’ to be launched as a Brand on Twitter. We activated Twitter conversations for the ‘House of Neeta Lulla’ brand by conceptualizing, managing and executing #NeetaLullaLive and generated an amazing response. We gained about 150 followers during the 2 hour campaign window and a 120% growth over a 6 month window overall for the Brand. Life was good!

Emailer Campaign

We drove Email Campaigns (concept + design + development) by intelligently creating exciting reasons to reach our clientele’s inboxes without letting them feel spammed in anyway. Sometimes, these were product pushes, sometimes Brand updates, sometimes Blog notifications. We mixed it up and received healthier open rates than historically measured by the Brand.

Fashion Blog

Neeta Lulla Blog was another feature we introduced and worked on creating valuable and meaningful content for Neeta Lulla audience’s that would help them connect with the designer on a personal level. We drove the video, photo and written content for the same.

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