Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar

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We are proud to be the sole Digital Agency to spearhead one of the greatest political turnarounds in American history: the ‘Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar’ campaign – the brainchild of one of the biggest donors to Trump and Chicago based Business Tycoon, Shalabh Kumar.


  • Reach out to Indian Americans and Indians at large, to spread awareness about President Elect Trump’s campaign objectives for America & the rest of the world
  • Especially reach out to the Indian American voters in Battleground states, to vote in favor of Trump
  • Educate the TG about voting Republican vs. Democrat, since Indian American voters have known to be traditionally democratic
  • Create an overall buzz regarding this Pro-Trump campaign on TV, news, social media and all other digital platforms heading up to the final election in 3 months


  • Reach out to 2.5Million Indian American Voters through social media listening and other digital formats in a span of 3 months
  • Switch their votes from Democratic to Republican
  • Connect the dots between the viral political ad “AB Ki Baar Trump Sarkar campaign”, whose author was unknown & the originator Shalabh Kumar
  • Bring alive the urgency to vote amongst a large percentage of usually dormant Indian American voters
  • Highlight serious political issues like Legal Immigration and Terrorism and explain Trump vs. Hillarys views through digital media


  • Conceptualized and put together a website called trumpsarkar.com that highlighted the objectives of the ‘Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar’ campaign
  • Setup and ran end-to-end Shalabh Kumar’s social media accounts and leveraged these to communicate political messages with #AbKiBaarTrumpSarkar
  • Highlighted and promoted all press coverage around the campaign such as meetings between Shalabh Kumar, Trump and other political bigwigs in the Republican Party
  • Curated Pro-Trump digital Youtube video content on various themes pertaining to “Trump vs. Hillary”, “Trump pro legal immegration”, Trump against Terrorism
  • Ran non-skippable youtube ads with the produced video content as well as display ads across several digital websites to encourage votes in favour of Trump
  • Ran several targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter in Swing/Battleground states, especially in the weeks leading up to Voting Day
  • Heavy media Buy on Google Display, Twitter, Facebook for 2 weeks upto the election


  • sole digital partner

  • media planning & buying

  • social media

  • campaign concept & execution

  • website


Results & Milestones

Results & Milestones

We focussed on all our communication to be centred around one crucial message relayed to us by the Clients: positioning Trump as a political donor & commentator who strived for Indo-US Relations & Anti-Terrorrism. We ran several campaigns across TV, Print & Digital around the hashtag Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar. The ad went viral, getting picked up be leading newspapers and garnering 2 milion views on Youtube

The succes of the campaign was evident in the numbers and the media reports. We had Eric Trump himself and other political bigwigs thanking the comunity for its efforts. We managed to overturn 200,000 or 54% votes in favor of Republicans. We used Digital techniques to amplify the On Ground activities conducted by the team in the US.


Campaign Highlights

Campaign Highlights

Ad that Created History

“Ab ki bar Trump Sarkar” mass campaign was declared best ad of 2016, trended as the 9th most important news in the world and went viral on digital media:Resulting in 54% conversion rate or 200,000 Net Vote Gain among Hindu American voters in the battle ground states. Get to know the humongous effort that went behind creating this phenomenon that shook the world and created history by playing a major role in getting Donald Trump elected as President of US.


Strategy & Execution

Strategy & Execution

Youtube Content

As part of the campaign,our creative team conceptualised content for Youtube which was run across all Social platforms. We ran the entire process from concept, to script, to production, to editing, to packaging and managing the Youtube channel. We used this content to run a last minute campaign for digital buy with 10 million non-skippable YouTube Ads to target 8 million undecided non-Hindu voters in 6 swing states.

Twitter Campaign

We curated content specifically to viralise the #AbKiBaarTrump Sarkar hashtag and promoted this content through Shalabh Kumar’s social media acounts. We also got key political leaders in the United States to tweet with this campaign hashtag.

Website Design

We designed a responsive website dedictated to the Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar campaign called trumpsarkar.com whose primary purpose was to highlight the key reasons behind the campaign and the reason for Indian Americans to especially suport it.

Press Coverage

The campaign was picked up by the bigest publishers and went viral on digital & print news media, generating buzz & awareness to the politically active Indian community as
they would act as influencers to their Indian American voter friends & family network.

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