Shalabh Kumar

The man who crafted one of the greatest political turnarounds in modern American History with ‘AB KI BAAR TRUMP SARKAR’ for the US Presidential Election 2016.




We are proud to be the sole Digital Agency to spearhead one of the greatest political turnarounds in American history: the ‘Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar’ campaign – the brainchild of one of the biggest donors to Trump and Chicago based Business Tycoon, Shalabh Kumar




  • Build Shalabh Kumar’s individual image as a ‘business tycoon turned political activist’
  • Capitalise on his exponentially growing popularity as ‘Trump’s closest advisor on India-US relations’
  • Simultaneously build the image of his organisation Republican Hindu Coalition to build a Hindu American voice in America
  • Connect the dots between the viral political ad “AB Ki Baar Trump Sarkar campaign”, whose author was unknown & the originatorShalabh Kumar
  • Reach out to 2.5Million Hindu American Voters through social media listening and switch their votes from Democratic to Republican




  • Positioned Shalabh Kumar as a political donor & commentator who strived for Indo-US Relations & Anti-Terrorrism
  • Content strategy for Shalabh Kumar to be elected as next US Ambassador to India
  • Activity based Content Strategy for Shalabh Kumar, RHC India Ambassadro Manasvi & his organisation Republican Hindu Coalition
  • Generated Press Releases for Digital & Offline PR Generated Youtube Video content & ran this across all social platforms
  • Ran targeted campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in Swing/Battleground States
  • Generated buzz & awareness to the politically active Indian community as they would act as influencers to their Indian American voter friends & family network
  • Created Pro-Trump digital Video Ads as part of ‘Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar’ that were shown 30 times a day on major Indian media channels in USA
  • Last minute campaign for digital buy with 10 million non-skippable YouTube Ads to target 8 million undecided non-Hindu voters in 6 swing states.
  • Heavy media Buy on Google Display, Twitter, Facebook for 2 weeks upto the election


  • social media

  • digital PR

  • media planning
    & buying

  • ecommerce

  • blog writing


Results & Milestones

Results & Milestones

0 – 122K

Facebook following in 1 year          

1K – 2K

Average engagement
per post


in 2 months running up
to the Election results


Average organic
reach per post


Twitter Following in 1 year


Total Twitter Impressions


Twitter Profile Visits


Instagram Followers


Average engagement per post


Campaign Highlights

campaign highlights

Ad that Created History

“Ab ki bar Trump Sarkar” mass campaign was declared best ad of 2016, trended as the 9th most important news in the world and went viral on digital media:Resulting in 54% conversion rate or 200,000 Net Vote Gain among Hindu American voters in the battle ground states. Get to know the humongous effort that went behind creating this phenomenon that shook the world and created history by playing a major role in getting Donald Trump elected as President of US.


Creative Execution

creative execution

Facebook Campaign

Our Twitter Campaign

We curated content specifically to viralise the #AbKiBaarTrump Sarkar hashtag and promoted this content through Shalabh Kumar’s social media acounts. We also got key political leaders in the United States to tweet with this campaign hashtag.

Press Coverage

The campaign was picked up by the bigest publishers and went viral on digital & print news media, generating buzz & awareness to the politically active Indian community as they would act as influencers to their Indian American voter friends & family network.

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