park island

Responsive Website Design, Email Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Search Marketing & Google Adwords, Web & Digital Content




A residential development of beautifully planned apartments in a plush location in Pune yet nestled amongst lush greenery – was looking for a marketing boost to boost their flat sales. They have amazing modern amenities and children’s facilities which not many properties in the area do, as it’s so centrally located.




We had the challenge and simultaneous opportunity to bring forth this development which was not brand new, instead was 3 years old but inventory was fresh. So we had to market an older building in the eyes of the consumer, amongst the relatively newer constructions in an already over supplied marketplace. We also had a challenge of doing this at the best possible ROI through primarily digital techniques and take away from otherwise huge brokerage commission spends.


  • responsive website design

  • Email Campaigns

  • Social media Campaigns

  • Search Marketing & Google Adwords

  • Web & Digital Content




We turned the challenge into our Brand strength by studying the offering in detail, visiting the site personally and drilling down the property’s USPs that would supersede the one drawback of being a relatively older development. We went through a rebranding exercise where we positioned our communication and visuals around these identified USPs through marketing collaterals such as brochures, email campaigns, rebranded website, Social Media management and advertising as well as sophisticated Google AdWords strategy.


Creative Execution

Let’s Have a Look At Our Creative Execution

Website Design

Our super awesome developers put together a spanking seamless responsive website that could be accessed across every device with equal ease. Our creative experts ensured the U/I U/X was on par international standards. One unique thought we put in play amongst the newly introduced vague RERA rules at the time ( which did not allow us to use projected images ) was to use illustrations across the site to add glamour and character.


Social media marketing

We treated social media posts with illustration based communication following from the website rebrand theme. We used real images to promote the development on social media platforms primarily Facebook & Instagram where we ran targeted ads with sophisticated campaigns such as Lead Generation, Brand Awareness etc. that helped us collect several quality leads for the Sales team on ground.

Search Marketing

We adopted sophisticated Google AdWords with constant daily monitoring of Analytics. We used a dynamic strategy to alter the target audience and use of keywords to minimise the spillage of any money and ensure maximum Return On Investment for our client.